Chairman – Merijn Meuleman

As chairman of this committee, I will be responsible for organizing this symposium together with my committee. Since this is my first committee, I already learned a lot and still have more to learn over which I am excited to do so.

Currently I am doing my first year of the Master program of Chemical Engineering, since finishing my Bachelor degree last February. I aspire to make this the best symposium it can be and to help inspire as many of fellow students as possible.

I hope to see you all on the 11th of October 2016.

Secretary – Jorge González Mira

Hello! My name is Jorge and I come from Elche, a city near to Alicante in the southeast of Spain. I did my five-year bachelor in chemical engineering at the University of Alicante, where I had the possibility to be part of a research group in the catalyst field. Now I am a first year trainee in the post-Master program, Process and Product Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, and is the first time that I am studying abroad, I am still getting used to The Netherlands, specially to the weather! Always I have been curious about how to organize a big event like a symposium and the work that there is behind. Therefore when Octave Levenspiel association, the trainee’s association from the program, asked for volunteers to set up a symposium in collaboration with JAPIE, I thought that was the opportunity that I was waiting for. So, here I am, the secretary for the symposium 2016 and with a lot of energy to learn from my colleges.

Treasurer – Jolanda van Helden

I am Jolanda and I am now a first year master student Chemical Engineering. Last year I held the position of secretary in the board of the study association T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’ and now I am treasurer of the symposium committee. I hope I can contribute to a great symposium.

I am already looking forward to it and I hope to see you at the 11th of October.

Commissioner of external affairs & Day commissioner – Jeroen Janse

I am Jeroen Janse, currently doing my Master in Chemical Process Technology. After several positions within Japie, the symposium will be my last ‘magnum opus’. In the committee I am responsible for the contact with our sponsors, as well as the organization during the symposium day itself. For this symposium we chose a very important subject and we want to make it as appealing for our students as possible by mixing different aspects of the theme and combining speakers from academia and industry. I am already looking forward to the 11th of October and hope to see you there!

Commissioner of external affairs & Public relations - Yuxiao Zhao

In the symposium committee, I am in the position of Commissioner of External Affairs & Public Relations. I have an international and multi-discipline background, including Pharmaceutical Engineering in China, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the UK. Now, I am working as a trainee of the Process and Product Design (PPD) program in the Netherlands. I have enrolled in the committee, thanks to the passion and curiosity on organizing a professional event. Indeed, it is a very enjoyable and meaningful experience to work on the symposium with my teammates. ;)